Advanced Technology
in Everyday Clothing

Corpore is a high-performance garment designed to enhance postural awareness.

Our team of designers and engineers has developed an everyday garment which improves your performance and your overall well-being by interacting with your body to ensure you are displaying good posture. By using seamless technology and advanced materials, it is now possible to design intelligent garments with active compression areas. If used daily Corpore improves performance at the workplace and adds to your quality of life by reducing stress and muscle fatigue.

Gain Body Awareness with
the Smart Compression System

The Corpore vest is comprised of one single seamless item with two areas of compression. The Smart Compressions System is made up of tensors, which comes into action when the body falls into a bad postural position. The compression system activates a warning system to your body by exerting slight pressure making you aware of your posture so you can correct it. Corpore simply acts as your posture advisor.

The CORPORE vest is made up of one single seamless item with two areas of compression.

  • Back Compression:
  • Corpore helps to maintain the shoulders and upper-back in the correct position, thus reducing the chances of experiencing contractions and cervical problems. cervical problems.

  • Low Back Compression:
  • CORPORE exerts continuous pressure on the lower-back area.

Total perspiration

Corpore´s innovative textile formula allows total control of your body temperature in both cold and warm environments. This is due to the minute micro-spaces in the fibers which creates a thin layer or air to act as a natural thermal regulator. The material in Corpore is anti-allergic which adapts perfectly to any body shape on both men and women.

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