Achieving good posture

Good posture allows you to make movements without straining your body which in turn produces numerous medically supported health benefits. It has been proven to reduce muscle fatigue, alleviate stress and optimize your breathing, reduce headaches and anxiety, the list goes on and on as research on the subject grows. All of these factors lead to being healthier and more productive, both professionally and personally.

People were never meant to spend long periods of time seated in what is now considered a common work positions and when you do, muscle fatigue, stress and body pains are unfortunately common side effects.

This is where Corpore Wear comes into play.

To remedy this, Corpore acts as a warning system for your body by applying a slight pressure when the body falls into an unhealthy position. When you have bad posture or are slouching the surface of your back increases, when this happens Corpore is triggered and exerts a very subtle warning shot of pressure that helps you to correct your posture.

Reach Peak Performance
and Increase your Confidence

The physical benefits of having strong posture are clear. These benefits directly improve other aspects of your life, such as performance, physical appearance and self-esteem. By reducing fatigue and muscle stress you simply create more peak performance/production time and people with good posture project an air of being more confident. Can you put a price tag on being more confident while improving your work performance? Let Corpore help you to achieve your goals through good postural hygiene.

Health and Fashion

How often did your mother tell you when you were a child to sit up straight? CORPORE reminds you of this simple yet very effective message. When you have bad posture your body can feel it and others can see it. Good posture enhances your figure and has a direct correlation with how you are feeling and the impression projected on others.

In today´s world, productivity and impressions matter. So does design. Corpore has kept all of these aspects in mind when creating a shirt that can be worn under any piece of clothing, professional or casual.

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